Some idiots only halfway through first season of The Wire

YEARS after it finished, some idiots are still struggling through the first season of The Wire.

Not even this far

Season Two might as well be set on Mars

While normal people have moved onto Game of Thrones via Breaking Bad, new data shows over 12,000 Britons have barely made inroads into David Simon’s acclaimed series.

Nathan Muir, who runs the Soldier Of The Cultural Wars blog, said “Six years ago I lent my neighbour Tom Booker The Wire box sets and said, ‘Watch these if you want to understand anything about anything.’

“But he complains he can’t remember who’s who and that nothing seems to happen. ‘Why can’t it just be like Starsky and Hutch and Huggy Bear?’ he’s obviously thinking.”

Booker, who is a hospital porter but moonlights as a minicab driver to afford childcare since his wife died, said: “I should spend more time watching stimulating, long form programming.

“But after a long shift at the hospital, plus four hours picking up fares then back home to spend some moments with my daughter, I find telly makes me sleepy. Short attention span, I guess.”

Booker’s progress with the series was further delayed when he had to sell his DVD player to Cash Converters to afford nappies and groceries.

Muir said: “What’s maddening is that The Wire is about how impossible life is for the have-nots. If Tom watched it, he could find out all about himself and his own life.

“Do you realise how hard it is for me, not accidentally revealing spoilers when I’m haranguing him? I’m permanently walking on eggshells.”