Spoiler-conscious Game of Thrones fans excited by some vague thing that happened

GAME of Thrones fans are running out of spoiler-free ways to describe a big thing that happened.

Giving away a spoiler for Game of Thrones is considered the biggest faux pas in social media, leaving viewers struggling to find the most general way of describing recent storylines.

Stephen Malley posted: “God…that was…well… Jesus…God…Christ #GameofThrones.”

Recruitment consultant Nikki Hollis wrote: “Last night’s GoT was off the wall! That thing that happened at the end! OMG! What an unexpected event!”

Malley replied: “Wasn’t it! That occurrence though! How the….!!

“And what about the other thing that hasn’t happened yet, but is related to the thing that happened last night with that character and that object. If that happened, that would be insane.”

Teacher Wayne Hayes said: “There should be two Facebooks, one for people who’ve seen the new episode of Game of Thrones and are happy to talk about it freely and one for those who haven’t.

“Maybe a third Facebook for people who couldn’t care less about fucking Game of Thrones.”