Teenager trapped in dad band jam session

A TEENAGER who thought he was just going around to see his friend has ended up trapped in a dad band jam session that may never end. 

Nathan Muir, aged 19, was directed by friend Stephen Malley’s mum to the garage, where he found his pal trapped in an enthusiastic jam session with four dads clearly experiencing some kind of musical high.

Responding to frantic gestures by picking up a bass guitar, Muir has now been playing generically funky basslines for two hours with no end in sight.

He said: “Every time I try to leave, they hook me back in.

“The bald one on the Fender’s so delighted to have a semi-competent rhythm section that he’s letting loose all his hottest licks, the rhythm guitarist’s wearing an expression of crazed joy and the drummer’s sort of staring into the middle distance and I’m afraid of what’ll happen when he stops.

“We’ve done Fleetwood Mac, Parliament, the Stone Roses, at least three-quarters of Oasis’s back catalogue and the singer’s just heading into the terrifying zone of Neil Young.

“Stephen got called in by his mum an hour ago. Either he’s forgotten I’m out herE or abandoned me to my fate.

“I’d make a run for it, but the guy on the bongos keeps passing spliffs around and it’s seriously decent shit.”