The Macarena, and other songs where freestyle dancing is mercifully forbidden

LIFE is full of hard decisions, including what to do with your body on the dance floor. Thankfully, these songs have mandatory moves you must obey.

The Macarena

Where are you? Whose wedding are you dancing at? What the f**k do the words to this song even mean? It doesn’t matter. All you know is that there is a regimented order in which you should cross your arms, sway your hips and jump 90 degrees. If only the rest of life was this orderly, it would be so much better.

Gangnam Style

The dance floor version of stabilisers. So long as you’re trotting around like you’re riding a horse and doing that little crossed-arm movement then nobody can accuse you of being a shit dancer. You’re just following the rules, if it makes you look like a prancing tit then it’s not your fault. People should take it up with Psy if it offends them.

Time Warp

You’re on your own during the verses, so try to keep a low profile and run down the clock. When the chorus kicks in though you can switch off your brain and follow the instructions that are politely spelled out. Jumping to the left and putting your hands on your hips requires minimum coordination, meaning even someone as clumsy as you can stagger your way through it.

Cha Cha Slide

Can you tell your left foot from your right foot? Do you know how to stomp and hop? Congratulations, you know pretty much everything you need to dance to this song. As for the titular Cha Cha Slide, that move just involves smoothly shuffling around. Don’t worry if that’s too sophisticated for your lumpen body, the criss cross bit is only seconds away.


Who cares if you’re awkwardly standing around pointing a finger out of time during the verse? You’re just saving your energy for the main event when the letters get spelled out, which is all anyone cares about anyway. Don’t f**k it up by making the ‘C’ face the wrong direction though. Everyone on the dance floor will come to a halt and mock you for the rest of your life.

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All 26 members of the England World Cup squad and how they'll individually let us down

THE England World Cup squad has been named, much to the country’s regret. Here’s how each of them will disgrace the shirt: 

Jordan Pickford So angry at conceding a late equaliser against the USA, his head literally pops like a grape.

Nick Pope Forced into action for the Wales game, Nick suddenly remembers a cracking family holiday on a caravan park in Rhyl. His lapse in concentration is all Gareth Bale needs to score a hat trick.

Aaron Ramsdale Bored by his lack of playing time, Aaron starts an illegal Shove Ha’Penny league which totally divides the squad. He wins £1.2 million from Arsenal teammate Ben White.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Spends the tournament making buzzing noises through blades of grass from the pitch.

Conor Coady To boost team morale, the centre-half performs a risqué ventriloquist routine which spectacularly fails to land.

Eric Dier Stands very close to an opposition player at a corner, a move the Qatari police consider ‘gay’. Jailed for life.

Harry Maguire Gets so excited by hearing the Star-Spangled Banner before the USA game that he sings along like Beyoncé.

Luke Shaw Recalling the buzz of scoring in the Euro 2020 final, Shaw shoots literally every time he gets the ball, no matter his position on the pitch. Statistics fans get a raging boner.

John Stones So used to winning with Man City that when England fall behind to Mexico he simply shuts down like the replicant at the end of Blade Runner.

Kieran Trippier Leaked texts reveals him referring to possible opponents Holland as ‘clog-wearing canal-shaggers’. Sent to The Hague for trial.

Kyle Walker During training Walker does an overlapping fullback run at such speed that he bursts out of the facility and begins sprinting round the world like Forrest Gump.

Ben White Has a punch up with Aaron Ramsdale during training over his now £3.2million Shove Ha’Penny debt.

Jude Bellingham The Dortmund midfielder speaks German in an interview with German press, and is instantly branded a traitor and photoshopped into a Nazi uniform on the front page of The Sun.

Conor Gallagher Falls asleep on the bench during England’s 1-0 group stage win against Iran. Never wakes up.

Mason Mount Stays up until 4am before a knockout tie with Senegal trying to do Wordle. Is visibly exhausted and subbed after 20 minutes.

Declan Rice So nervous to be playing in a World Cup he vomits on the ref and is sent off for violent conduct.

Jordan Henderson Desperate for a post-match drink, Jordan starts making his own home brew in the hotel toilets. The resulting grog poisons Kalvin Phillips. Branded a ‘proper English lad’ by The Sun.

Kalvin Phillips Given the severe shits by Jordan Henderson’s moonshine. But keeps it off the pitch, unlike leftie Lineker.

Phil Foden Tries to get ‘peace and love’ shaved into his hair in Arabic but as a joke, the barber puts ‘Death to the West’ instead.

Jack Grealish Tries to relax ahead of the tournament with a spray tan which goes horribly wrong. Spends the entire group stages on the bench wearing a balaclava.

James Maddison After failing to get a foul for a clear dive in the box, a method-acting Maddison continues to lie on the turf for the rest of the first half.

Raheem Sterling After scoring against Croatia, Raheem namesearches himself on Twitter. One user points out he runs with his arms by his sides ‘like a T-Rex’. A spat ensues, hurtful comments are exchanged, and Raheem is cancelled.

Callum Wilson Surprised to be included, Wilson begins referring to the other players as ‘Sir’ and the coaching staff as ‘Your Majesty’. Sparks class war.

Harry Kane During extra time against Uruguay, he remembers his CBeebies bedtime story he read recently and runs full-pelt into a hoarding.

Bukayo Saka After a series of man of the match performances, accidentally sings Queen instead of King in the national anthem. Branded a ‘treasonous, England-hating lout’ by The Daily Mail.

Marcus Rashford During a nervy shootout with Spain, Marcus buries his spot kick demons by scoring his own penalty. Then undoes his good work by insisting on taking – and scoring – all five of the Spanish penalties too. England eliminated.