New season of Walking Dead to show characters finding safe place that subsequently becomes unsafe

THE new season of The Walking Dead involves a moment of hope followed by yet another gruelling journey, it has been revealed.

A production source revealed that the new series’ storyline will involve Sheriff Rick Grimes and his friends finding a temporary haven – perhaps a church, school or other large municipal building – then having to leave when it is overrun either by zombies, psychopaths, or both.

The source said: “Last time we began with the characters safe, but then losing their place of safety. This time around they’re in great danger. Will they manage to find somewhere safe?

“Spoiler alert – Rick’s going to be in a mood with everyone, behave in an over-earnest way and generally suck all the fun out of things.”

The source added: “You will wonder why you continue to watch this relentless torrent of the most gruelling misery imaginable, then concede that you’d already spent weeks of your life on it so it’s too late to stop now.”