Friday, 7th May 2021

What a bunch of awful, middle class twats, thinks former This Life fan

A FORMER fan of This Life watching the series a second time cannot believe he ever obsessed over such smug, solipsistic bilge.

Tom Logan, now 42, watched the series in his late teens and yearned for the life of a house share in South London in the company of ambitious, unashamed hedonists.

However within 10 minutes of starting to rewatch the series he realised what tedious, self-obsessed b*stards the characters were. 

Logan said: “Firstly – ‘South London’? That implies somewhere deep down Lewisham way where the cabs daren’t go. They’re in bl**dy Southwark Bridge Road. That’s central London. 

“Second, those names. ‘Miles’? ‘Milly’? ‘Egg’? That alone makes them twats. Why the hell did I want them to be my friends? Don’t even mention that terminally annoying idiot Delilah.”

Logan also took issue with the characters’ much-vaunted drinking, drug-taking and casual sex, which never happened to him and which he could never afford anyway due to paying £1500 a month for a sh*thole in New Cross. 

He added: “The best bit was where she punches that woman in the face. That’s what it should have been the whole series – all of them punching each other in the face, all of the time.”