Tuesday, 11th May 2021

'What's she been in?' man asks for the duration of whole f**king film

A MAN ruined a film by wondering where he had seen the female lead before for the entirety of its running time.

While clicking his fingers in frustration, Ryan Whittaker spoilt The Favourite for girlfriend Lauren Hewitt by asking what else had what’s-her-name who plays Queen Anne been in every five seconds.

Hewitt said: “I was about to tell Ryan the first time he asked, but he held up a finger as if remembering an incredibly ubiquitous celebrity was a solemn duty he had to perform on his own.

“I mean it’s Olivia Colman for f**k’s sake. She’s been in everything. You could take any show or film from the last 10 years and she’s probably in it somehow.”

“I had to put on a pair of headphones to drown out his incessant speculation and switched on the DVD subtitles so I could follow what was going on.

“After 40 minutes he had the nerve to make me pause it so he could have a wee. Even then I could still hear him upstairs saying ‘god, it’s on the tip of my tongue’.”

Whittaker said: “Of course! She was in Broadchurch with that Scottish bloke, wasn’t she? What was the name of that other show he was in? No, don’t tell me, I’ll remember it.”