Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Woman desperate to be Angel from Escape to the Chateau

A WOMAN has decided she has had enough of her own life and wants to be Angel from Escape to the Chateau instead.

Emma Bradford would like to swap her cramped terraced house in Nuneaton for a massive French mansion with a walled garden, orangerie, mismatched tea sets and a devoted, capable engineer husband.

Bradford said: “All I want is to be able to say to my boyfriend ‘Build me an indoor helter skelter’ or ‘Design me a lift that goes all the way to the top turret’ and have him smile indulgently at me before immediately getting it done.

“Angel gets to stick dead butterflies and taxidermied fawns on her walls and Dick just rolls his twinkly eyes indulgently. If I so much as hang a picture my boyfriend says I’m messing with his vision for our flat, a vision which seems to just be ‘beige’.

“All I have to do is find a portly former army colonel with a big moustache and a TV career to marry, convince Channel 4 to pay for everything and completely change my personality.

“It’ll be easy.”