Saturday, 8th May 2021

Woman queuing for Downton Abbey realises she cannot remember a single character

A WOMAN queuing to see the Downton Abbey film has realised that she cannot remember a single thing about any of the characters. 

Eleanor Shaw watched every episode of the ITV show when it was on, long, long ago before Brexit, but is now drawing a blank on every aspect of its setting, plot and relationships.

She said: “S**t. This might be a long evening.

“There was an older woman who’s meant to be funny, and there’s a kind of lord of the manor type, and a pretty girl. Though I might just be guessing.

“I can’t even remember what year we’re up to. Are they all traumatised by the Great War and not prepared for the next one, or have I mixed it up with Peaky Blinders? 

“I know there was a servant who was important, it’s just I can’t quite recall who or how or why. Or I could be confusing it with literally any other posh period drama. Oh well.”

After the film, Eleanor Shaw said: “It was fine, it all came back to me as I watched. What happened? Ah. Give me a second. It’s not really stayed with me.”