Audi yet again voted top car by dentists and serial killers

DENTISTS and serial killers have named Audis their favourite car for the eleventh year running.

Audi models won in all categories at the annual Dentist and Serial Killer Car Awards held at a Holiday Inn in Croydon. The judging panel comprises three dentists, three serial killers and one dentist who is also a serial killer.

Dentist Tom Booker said: “As a dentist I appreciate Audi’s coldly clinical attention to detail and generally non-sexual attitude towards life.”

Meanwhile serial killer Wayne Hayes said: “As a psychopath with a taste for the spontaneous, I really appreciate the extra boot space in the A6 Avant. You never know when you might need it!

“The excellent handling allows me to drive mine up right up other motorists’s arses on remote country roads, which as a coldly calculating deviant is very much my idea of fun.”