Boss’s claim ‘we’re all mad here’ actually a cry for help

A BOSS who claimed in a job interview that everyone in the office was crazy was desperately asking for help, a new employee has discovered. 

Account manager Emma Bradford has found out that her line manager was neither joking or exaggerating when he said that her colleagues are battling serious psychological issues.

She said: “‘We’re all mad’ is just an office cliche like ‘we work hard and play hard’. All it means is that they wear the hats when they go to Chiquito.

“But within my first hour Darren from marketing had told me he was being watched by Mossad, Marie in payroll had set the photocopier alight and I’d found I wasn’t allowed any pens or pads in case I messed them up by using them.”

Boss Martin Bishop said: “We have a terrible, debilitating problem here but anytime I try and talk about it people just laugh and say ‘me too!’.

“I had high hopes that Emma could get us the help we need, but she didn’t listen. Nobody ever listens.”