Carla Bruni To Be The New Face Of Ginsters

CARLA Bruni, the incredibly hot wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, is to be the new face of Ginsters savoury treats.

The Cornish firm said the former supermodel and singer would bring a touch of continental finesse to its irresistible range of bakes, pastries and spicy tortilla wraps.

The first television commercial will feature Bruni as a plumber, driving down the A34, when she is suddenly overwhelmed by an insatiable desire for a Ploughman's Roll and a Buffet Bar.

She pulls in at a petrol station near Didcot, runs into the shop, tears the wrapper from the Ginsters savouries and starts devouring them.

A member of staff approaches, but soon backs off when she snarls at him with the sound of an angry tiger. The commercial ends with the slogan, 'Imagine Smearing a Cheese and Onion Slice Across Carla Bruni's Bum'.

Bruni said she first dreamed of working with Ginsters while writing her third album, Bring Me a Steak and Mushroom Pie.

The French first lady said last night: "Whenever Nicolas and I travel to meet foreign heads of state, I always ensure ze fridge on our official plane is stocked with at least two dozen Mexican Spicy Chicken Pasties. I eat zem cold."

She added: "I have to admit zat when I attended ze official banquet at Buckingham Palace I could not finish my dinner because I had spent all afternoon is ze bath with a copy of TV Quick and an enormous pile of scotch eggs."