Credit card company couldn’t just be cool about it

A PETTY credit card company has started asking for repayments after 30 days of being real sports about it.

Consumer Wayne Hayes was touched when the company offered to foot the bill for his online shopping spree last month, but the mood turned awkward when they made contact to request the money was paid back.

Hayes said: “I thought they’d be just checking in to see how I was and what I was up to, but without any real pleasantries they started talking about getting the money back from me. It was very uncomfortable.”

He added: “I’ve lost a lot of respect for them. Sure, they’ll get their money back in 12 small monthly payments, but they’ve lost a friend.”

Hayes’ complaints echo those of many homeowners, who found banks turned out to be surprisingly business-minded.

Emma Bradford said: “We were really big fans of HSBC when they gave us our house. They seemed like genuinely decent people, but then the letters started demanding a sizeable monthly repayment.

“They called it a ‘mortgage’ but to me it’s just rudeness.”

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Dad invests in jumper that will see him through last 40 years of his life

A MIDDLE-aged man has purchased the functional sweater he will wear repeatedly until death.

Father of two Martin Bishop resorted to a shopping trip after a hole in the Superdry jumper that had seen him through the last five years became untenable.

After a brief glance at his choices, Bishop bought a shapeless dark grey jumper, knowing he now has the level of warmth and comfort he needs for the rest of his life.

Bishop said: “It’s nice to have that off my to-do list. The thought of having one more shopping trip was really weighing on me.

“This jumper will become synonymous with me, like a second skin. I will never be seen without it.

“It won’t venture into the washing machine or sit in a drawer, it will grace the sofa and the dinner parties that I am forced to attend. It will be brought out for weddings, funerals and doing DIY.”

Bishop’s wife Emma said: “Martin had the face of a man going to war, but he came back triumphant, cradling the shopping bag like a baby and muttering about how expensive things are.”