Depraved animal doesn’t hope email recipient is well

A PSYCHOPATHIC monster has sent an email to a co-worker without expressing hope for their well-being.

Account manager Julian Cook was visibly shaken to receive the message, which displayed a callous indifference to his physical and mental health.

He said: “You never imagine you’ll get to see the darkest recesses of the human soul, but today I witnessed pure evil.

“After a cursory ‘Hi Tom’ the email was straight to business. No interest in my welfare. There could be no clearer signal that he despises me and wishes me dead.

“I wish he’d just had the decency and honesty to start his email, ‘Hi Tom, I’m fantasising about your fiery demise, but I’m obliged to contact you about the Anderson account.’”

However, email sender Wayne Hayes replied: “He started it.

“My last email from him ended ‘Regards’. Not ‘Warmest regards’. He may as well have driven over here and punched me in the face.”