Gap Widens Between The Rich And The Incredibly Rich

The gap between the rich and the really incredibly rich is wider than ever, according to new research.

Health club tycoon Duncan Bannatyne works as a pizza chef for Chris Tarrant

A study by Dundee University found that the traditonally rich such as plumbers, local authority chief executives and people who work for the BBC, were now living in relative poverty compared to 'super-rich' hedge fund managers, insolvency consultants and NHS doctors.

Professor Bill McKay said: "Ten years ago the rich were happy with their lot. They had at least two Chinese dishwashers and their kids went to a school where they had a great chance of being bullied by someone related to Gladstone.

"Now they look at the incredibly rich, many of whom now have their own SAS, and wonder where it all went wrong."

Professor McKay said the gap is now so wide that in many parts of the country very rich people were working as cleaners and gardeners for really incredibly rich people.

Sir Alan Sugar, boss of pointess electronics company Amstrad, has recently joined the chauffeur pool of Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal's accountant.

Meanwhile Kwik-Fit founder Sir Tom Farmer offers a garden tidying service to GPs in the well-to-do neighbourhoods of Edinburgh.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ming Campbell said: "There is something seriously wrong with our society when I am forced to take a summer job working as an assistant masseur for Judy Finnegan simply to pay my wine bill."