John Lewis monster ate five children during filming

THE John Lewis monster devoured five child actors during the filming of the store’s Christmas advert, a behind-the-scenes special revealed. 

The £1 million advert, in which a monster under a child’s bed teaches him that expensive toys are better than his loving parents, has delighted Britain but was not created without a few hitches.

Director Michel Gondry said: “They say never work with children and animals. Well, add monsters to that list.

“We’d be halfway through a heartwarming scene, need a lighting change and suddenly the kid’s nowhere to be seen and the monster’s munching away and I’m like ‘Oh no, not again. This is costing us the whole day.’

“But we persevered and, through their sacrifice, those children have helped us create something truly magical that shows us the true meaning of Christmas.”

He added: “Seriously though, if you see that thing run. It has the taste for human flesh now, and cannot be stopped. None of us are safe.”