Male receptionist sent home for not wearing codpiece


A RECEPTIONIST at a leading City firm has been sent home without pay for refusing to wear a black leather codpiece. 

29-year-old Joseph Turner insisted he could still perform his duties while wearing a basic cricket box, but was told that it would not meet the professional standards that clients expect.

Turner said: “It’s not just the codpiece.

“It’s the way you have to stand, hands behind head, hips thrust forward, gyrating your whole groin area while you ask if they’d like tea or coffee.

“The week before I was actually wearing a full gold codpiece with chains and Swarovski crystal detailing but still got a verbal warning because my rolling crotch thrusts weren’t fluid enough.

“I asked my boss if she would wear a codpiece for an eight-hour shift, then the tube home, and she just laughed and said I was being ridiculous.”

A spokesman for Turner’s employer said: “Oh my God, this is so not sexist.

“That is disgusting. If you think this is a sexual thing, that’s come from your mind. That is on you.”