Mothers don’t need money because they have the joy of children

MOTHERS do not mind earning a third less because having children is so wonderful, a report has found. 

Following research that shows the gender pay gap widens after motherhood, the Institute for Fiscal Studies concluded that it does not matter because children are all the reward a mother needs.

Dr Julian Cook said: “We haven’t spoken to mums but we looked at their Facebooks and apparently raising kids is the most glorious, precious thing in the world, so why would they want anything else?

“Women don’t need material goods once they’ve been given the gift of motherhood, unlike fathers who still need jobs so they can buy gadgets.

“It’s them we should feel sorry for really, poor dads unable to open their hearts to this blessing because of their hunger for money.”

Mary Fisher of Leicester said: “I don’t mind putting up with my pay being lower than everyone else’s because work gets me away from the kids.”