Women strongly opposed to Nicole Scherzinger

WOMEN are opposed to Nicole Scherzinger, it has been confirmed.

Females from the ages of 15-85 are united in the belief that the Pussycat Dolls singer is totally fake and has never once shown her true personality on television.

Shop assistant, Emma Bradford said: “She just looks like she’s up her own arse. Simple as that.

There’s no way in Hell she has ever eaten one of those yoghurts. She probably only eats trout foie gras and I don’t even know what the fuck that is.”

Women added that their negative feelings toward Scherzinger have nothing to do with the fact she is physically flawless and enjoys coquettish humour with a sexual undertone.

Bradford said: “Myleene Klass is attractive and I saw her on one of those ‘giving birth’ documentaries the other night, going in a birthing pool and having a brew with all the midwives after.

Can’t see Scherzinger doing that. She’d probably want to fill the thing with diamonds before she gave birth in it.

“Then she’d deliberately trip over and get some yoghurt on her face, which is apparently funny because it looks a bit like spunk.”

However men added that they believe Scherzinger seems ‘pretty sound’.