Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Online clothes shopper treating herself to sending everything back

A WOMAN who has spent the weekend shopping for clothes online cannot wait to send every single item straight back again.

Lauren Hewitt of Ealing spent hours trawling through website ordering outfits for a dream version of herself, regardless of whether they would suit or fit her.

She said: “I only went on to get some vest tops. But by the time I’d scrolled through 345 of those and popped 47 in my basket, just to try, I was on a roll.

“I’ve never dared wear a playsuit but this seemed like the moment to let loose and give myself the pleasure of opening one, holding it up against myself, frowning, and returning it.

“I’ve tried all the latest trends, I’ve treated myself to some classic wardrobe staples, I’ve gone bold with colours and played it safe with cool greys. They’re all going back.

“Now I just have to take them to the filthy newsagent which is my nearest DPD drop-off point, leave them on the floor in the back room and obsessively check online banking until the refund comes through.

“There’s nothing better than frittering your days away in no-risk consumerism. Who needs the high street?”