Only 90 per cent of Airbnb rooms have hidden cameras

AIRBNB users have been reassured by reports that only nine out of 10 rooms have secret cameras recording their every move.

Research from the Institute for Studies showed that despite most people thinking every Airbnb room had at least three hidden devices filming them having sex or just undressing, some actually do not.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “We checked the first 10 rooms we came across in the London area and to no-one’s surprise the first nine all had cameras behind the big mirror that directly faces the bed.

“One even had a broadcast quality camera set up along with lights and a sound operator – who had a lampshade on his head – in the middle of the bedroom.”

“But we were surprised in the last property when, despite tearing the room apart and even unscrewing all the plug sockets from the walls, that there was no hidden camera at all.

“However there was a live snake in the airing cupboard.”

Airbnb user Tom Logan said: “If Airbnb landlords don’t even care enough about me to secretly film me whilst I sleep then I think I’ll just go to a Travelodge instead.”