Payday lenders to sell electricity instead

PAYDAY lenders are to switch from 4,000% loans to selling deliciously expensive electricity.

As the government introduced interest rate caps on the controversial firms, Wonga, Kwik Cash and FirstBorn said the industry was no longer ‘sufficiently horrible’.

A spokesman for FirstBorn said: “We put the interest rate cap into our gouging spreadsheet and the computer made a ‘eh-uh’ noise like Mr Babbage in Family Fortunes.

“It is therefore time for us to cast our eye towards a bright new horizon where you have to pay whatever we tell you to pay or your telly won’t work.

“We are also looking at a business model where we lend you the money to pay your electricity bill.”

A spokesman for EDF said the company was ‘relaxed’ about the new competition, adding: “There is just so much cash. It is fucked up.”