Steel worker grateful for chance to finish romantic comedy script

STEEL worker Tom Logan has thanked the government for not saving his job so that he can focus on writing a romantic comedy screenplay.

61-year-old Logan has worked in the steel industry since he was 19, but has always really wanted to write a film about two friends who fall in love while working at a cattery.

He said: “Manufacturing steel is okay, but it’s quite noisy and surprisingly dirty. Anyway I’ve got this great idea for a film that could possibly star Hugh Grant and Jennifer Aniston.

“She runs a cattery but is really disorganised and he’s a posh lonely widower with a moody Siamese. I’m calling it the ‘purr-fect date movie’.”

Logan said that if the government somehow intervened to help steel workers he would not have enough free time to finish the story, which is thus far just at the idea stage.

He added: “I understand that it’s difficult to get a Hollywood film made but weirdly it seems to be a more realistic career choice than processing the raw material from which cars, trains and coins are made.

“If the film doesn’t work out I’ll just write a blog about my sex life called The Molten Hot Lover.”