Trends more fashionable than ever

THE latest fashions are trendier than ever and look set to be the in-thing, experts have confirmed.


The Institute for Studies said the British public has just been getting trendier and trendier over the last 10 years with a record number of people buying really cool shirts, dresses and jackets and then looking great in them.

Professor Henry Brubaker, said: “It’s all about clogs and maxi dresses. The question isn’t ‘should you wear them’, but what should you wear them with?”

Meanwhile prime minister David Cameron urged Britain to keep looking super-cool and totally with it.

He added: “Look at my shirt! Look at your shoes! Fantastic! It’s all happening!

“But let’s not be complacent as there’s never been a more important time to think about what top will look the coolest with this skirt.”

Prof Brubaker said outstanding fashion sense runs right through British society, from well-dressed surgeons with an instinct for accessories, to thieves and sex offenders who look effortlessly amazing.

Bill McKay, jailed twice for trying to kick a man’s head off, said: “I will not stand by while someone picks fault with the Sienna Miller Collection at River Island.

“I suppose I could probably have kicked his head right off but then I would have had to change out of my funky blue sneakers and into some clumpy Timberlands that would have been totally wrong with these jeans.

“And that would have been a crime.”