Worker gets massive bollocking while seated on a bean bag

A MANAGER has bollocked a team member in the laid-back surroundings of their office’s chill-out area.

The relaxation zone of JBJ Marketing, which boasts table tennis, a Scalextric set and comfy bean bags, is ideal for unwinding or threatening an under-performing colleague with the sack.

Bollocked worker Tom Logan said: “I know I’ve been slack lately, I’m going through a break-up which mean I have to get pissed a lot on week nights, and my boss Nikki asked me to step over to the chill-out zone.

“I said ‘We’re not going to chill out there, are we?’, and she slowly shook her head.

“Basically she reeled off a long list of my fuck ups and asked me to consider whether I belong here in the long-term, or even in the very short-term.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten bollocked on a bean bag between an oversized chess board and a Flumps dispenser, but it does not feel good.

“It’s kind of like someone handing you your balls in a jar with a handwritten label on it that says ‘Your Balls’.”