You’ll get bored of all this soon and I’ll still be loaded, says Philip Green

SIR Philip Green has confirmed plans to ignore a few weeks of criticism for his role in the BHS collapse and still be rich at the end of it. 

The billionaire admitted that denunciation from politicians and the public does sadden him, but remains confident that everyone will forget it all within a fortnight, just like they always do. 

He continued: “Remember when you were all angry with the Royal Bank of Scotland guy? Do you even remember his name?

“Or, back in the 90s, it was all the British Gas fat-cats. The nation was hopping mad. I bumped into one of them the other week in a casino in Monaco. 

“What about the whole offshore thing with Cameron’s dad that everyone was in a stew about? The one that was going to change the face of British politics? Me neither.

“I don’t underestimate Britain’s anger. This could last until September or even into early October.

“But my choice is pay back £571 million or be called rude names for a bit while I lie around on a yacht listening to Bryan Ferry and eating truffles? Now that is a dilemma.”