Beckham still less of a prick than other footballers

DAVID Beckham’s hacked emails have revealed that he is far less of a prick than most footballers.

Private messages revealed that although he can be a bit demanding and petulant, Beckham is at least not an aggressive sex pest or a racist bastard.

Celebrity analyst Nikki Hollis said: “All famous people are a pain in the arse, even those nice old actors who play vicars in BBC wartime dramas. If you were famous, you would be a pain in the arse too.

“Beckham might come over as a bit of a knob sometimes but he’s way better than most football men.

“He’s basically polite, has never punched anyone in a restaurant and would probably stop and lend you some jump leads if your car had broken down.

“Clearly his wife is a bit weird and they have far too much money. But if you’re making moral judgements about someone based on reading their stolen private messages, you might want to have a good think about that.

“Also Piers Morgan fucking hates him which is good enough for me.”