Cameron gets job in artisan coffee shop

DAVID Cameron has become a barista in an independent coffee shop until he gets his ‘head space’ together.

The former prime minister is working at The Human Bean in Shoreditch, while his wife Samantha pays the bills by designing executive pencil cases.

Cameron said: “It gives me time to work on my memoirs, which will focus on a widely misunderstood incident that happened when I was a student.

“And it fits in really well with my job at the National Citizen Service, because that’s just a couple of hours a week of total bullshit.”

However, it has emerged he is currently under a performance review after an order for an espresso and a chocolate croissant caused half of the cafe to collapse.

Cameron added: “Serving coffee is really hard because when people complain you can’t just tell them they should stand up straight and wear a decent suit.”