Celebrities on Pointless could really do with the money they’re giving to charity

THE winning celebrity team on Pointless Celebrities often look like they could really do with the two grand they are giving to a hospice, viewers have confirmed.

With the afternoon game show currently serving up around 25 celebrities a week it is clear that they have gone past the big names who can afford to give some money to charity and are now dealing with celebrities who did not really make that much money when they were famous.

Former soap star, ‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton said: “I’d like to give the two and a half grand we’ve won to my local dog hospital in Bedford, if that’s OK. I’m sure the dogs need it more than me. Probably.

“Plus, after the huge exposure I’ll get from being on this afternoon game show that’s aimed mainly at the housebound and people who don’t know what the internet is, I’m sure to get some juicy acting roles.

“And if I don’t, well, I hope the dogs enjoy their fancy new leads.”

Fellow former TV star Zippy added, “I could really have used that prize money to pay off some loan sharks.

“They’ve already cut off two of my fingers.”