Jamie Oliver ‘heartbroken’ after thieves steal most of his herbs

JAMIE Oliver has appealed for the safe return of his favourite herbs after a break-in at his North London home.

Burglars raided the house earlier this week, snatching Oliver’s collection of dill, basil, sage and thyme after drilling a hole into his state-of-the-art herb vault.

The stricken chef revealed the devastating moment he realised he had no way of preventing a lamb stew tasting bland.

Oliver said: “It was bubbling away like a ticking time bomb and I was powerless to bring out the flavours.

“They even took Brian, my favourite sprig of rosemary. All that was left was a bit of coriander, which has no street value because it tastes weird.”

He added: “I’d rather they’d stolen my massive TV, one of my huge 4x4s or raided the room filled entirely with £20 notes.”