Thursday, 13th May 2021

Kevin McCloud over-budget, living in caravan and pregnant

KEVIN McCloud’s eco-friendly housing project is massively over-budget while the presenter is living on-site in a caravan and eight months pregnant, it has emerged. 

McCloud, who managed the project himself, has already had to sell his old house, remortgage the property, get financial help from his parents, spend his life savings and abandon his plans to retire.

But the Grand Designs frontman, who has been living in a one-bed caravan with his estranged wife and seven children for the last 38 months, maintains that everything is going according to plan.

He said: “Well, there were always going to be a few bumps in the road, but I’m still confident we’ll be in by Christmas.

“We just need to do the roof, the walls, the windows, all the electrical fitting, the bespoke bentwood spiral staircase has to be shipped from Germany and lifted in by crane, and the entire exterior needs to be hand-tiled while I apply for retrospective planning permission.

“Yes, perhaps I was a little over-ambitious and it’s not the ideal time for a new addition to the family, but the integrity of the build remains intact. And that’s the important thing.”

The project will next be seen in seven years time when McCloud, with markedly less hair, arrives to film a closing segment to find himself living there alone trying to finish the whole thing single-handed.