Mystery Surrounds BNP Invite To Palace

OFFICIALS last night said they were puzzled as to who could possibly have invited the British National Party leader Nick Griffin to a Buckingham Palace garden party.

The Prince at last year's otter strangling

An investigation is under way as sources claimed it was a clerical error and the invitation should have gone to Dick Griffin, a retired gardener from Hatfield, who recently swam the English Channel dressed as a giant cup of tea.

One Royal insider said: “Who could possibly want to see that idiot fascist parading himself around the Palace grounds, spouting his racist nonsense? It’s a mystery alright.

“It’s just a run of the mill summer garden party. The only slight difference is that Prince Philip will be there. At that time of year he’s usually strangling otters in Glen Shee.

“Of course he doesn’t do the actual strangling anymore, but he does like to stand on the riverbank and shout instructions.”

The insider added: “The preparations for a garden party tend to be very predictable. Although this time Prince Philip has asked for some of his special flags to be draped from the back windows.

“And he also wants his personal photographer to be on hand as apparently there’s someone he really wants to have his picture taken with. I presume it’s a famous otter strangler.”

A source in the Buckingham Palace kitchens said: “The food is just your typical garden party fare. We usually do some cucumber sandwiches, a Victoria sponge and a big bag of Wotsits.

“Although this time, for some reason, the Duke of Edinburgh has requested some German delicacies. Sauerkraut, blood sausage, that kind of thing. Not my place to ask really.”

It is understood Prince Philip has offered to take charge of the investigation just as soon as he has finished re-reading his battered copy of The Insidious Jew.