Philip Letters Warned Diana About The Chinese

PRINCE Philip sent a series of crude death threats to Princess Diana which often included thinly veiled attacks on the Chinese, an inquest heard yesterday.

Philip likes to cut things from the papers

The unsigned letters, sent between 1992 and 1997, usually began with 'My dearest Diana' before predicting her death and alerting her to the dangers of the 'yellow peril'.

The inquest jury at the Royal Courts of Justice was shown more than 20 letters, some made from newspaper cuttings, others written in an untidy, child-like scrawl. Martin Bishop QC told the court: "At first, the source of these letters was a total mystery.

"Indeed, any normal reader would have been stumped but for the unprovoked racial slurs tagged on to the end."

Mr Bishop added: "I put it to you that there is only one man in this country who would have gone to such lengths to cast aspersions upon the Chinese."

One letter reads: "My dearest Diana, I am no marriage counsellor but that won't stop me from killing you." He added: "Never leave the room when drinking with an Oriental."

In another letter from the summer of 1997, Philip wrote: "I see you have taken to consorting with a brown man. P.S. What are those Chinese devils plotting now? Any ideas?"

Denys Finch-Hatton, a Royal expert, said: "The early to mid-nineties was very much the high point in the Duke of Edinburgh's China-hating phase.

"He's getting on a bit now so these days he makes do with hating the Arabs and the French."