Don’t Shower With Your Turkey, Warn Experts

SHOWERING with your turkey could ruin Christmas, food safety experts warned last night.

Do not bathe

New research suggests that people who take their turkeys into the bath or shower over the festive season run the risk of infection and serious injury.

Dr Bill McKay, director of poultry at the National Bathing Institute, said: "It's very tempting, particularly at this time of year, to take a turkey into the bathroom.

"A few years ago I made the mistake of trying to have a bath with a 12 pound male. I still have the scars to prove it.

"If you really want to wash a turkey then take it into the back garden, tie it to a downpipe and set the hose on it."

Dr McKay added: "If you are absolutely desperate to bathe with a large fowl I would strongly recommend a plump, English goose. They are even-tempered and scrub-up nicely.

"But if that's a bit ambitious, you can always start out with a duck and work your way up."

Dr McKay said geese react best to an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner and a cocoa butter moisturising body wash.