Sunday, 9th May 2021

Prince Andrew 'had lovely view of Royal wedding from his tower'

THE Duke of York has confirmed that he enjoyed an absolutely fantastic aerial view of his daughter’s wedding from his tower. 

Prince Andrew was so proud to watch his daughter Beatrice get married on Friday from his original stone one-room apartment in the Round Tower at Windsor Castle and believes when the wind was in the right direction she may have heard him shout his blessings.

He continued: “Of course I was there. I had the best seat in the house. You don’t miss a thing from 210 feet up, believe me.

“I couldn’t see into the actual chapel but I saw them come out and I was clapping and cheering like billy-o. Proudest day of my life.

“The bars are really very generously spaced so there was nothing blocking the view, and what a spectacle. I think every father should see his little girl get married from above. It’s a revelation.

“And afterwards, my butler – not the usual butler, my new chap from Special Branch who stops me wandering about willy-nilly – brought me a slice of cake and a glass of champers on my meal tray. What an incredible occasion.”

He added: “It made a nice change from Pizza Express which is what I get every other night. Because apparently Mummy thinks that’s funny.”