Prince Harry's Nazi costume was 'acknowledging the wrongs of the past'

THE Duke of Sussex says he wore a swastika armband to help acknowledge and move on from the problems of the past.

Prince Harry explained he wore the Nazi outfit to a fancy dress party to start an uncomfortable but necessary conversation about antisemitism, and not as a tasteless joke as the media portrayed it.

The third in line to the throne said: “A private party full of drunken friends seemed like the ideal place to confront anti-Jewish prejudice. And what better way to tackle that sensitive topic than to dress up as a member of the Wehrmacht?

“To help raise awareness even more I made sure the press took a photo of me mulling over the sombre issue while enjoying a drink and a cigarette. Then I had to issue a fake apology when I realised you all missed the point.

“2005 was a different time. Back then we were all laughing at Little Britain and reading Zoo, so it’s unfair to judge my actions by today’s standards. 

“Even if you dress up as a Nazi today your nuanced message can be misunderstood. If it can happen to progressives like me and Paul Hollywood, it can happen to anyone.”

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The terms and conditions of Rishi Sunak's meal voucher offer in full

IN the chancellor’s giveaway bonanza, Britons can eat out in August with the government footing the bill. There are, however, certain conditions in the small print.

Meal offer does not include alcohol. Food eligible for the offer must be consumed with a soft drink, either warm milk or cheap orangeade, at the special coronavirus price of £6.95 per glass.

Offer only applies between 2.45pm and 3.05pm. That’s on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The government reserves the right to switch this to Thursdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays at short notice. To check eligibility, sign up with, open from mid-August, then generate an ID code which will be sent to you in 5-10 working days.

Diners must order special ‘Rishi Dish’ to qualify for discount. This select dish will consist of whatever didn’t sell the week before and is in danger of going off. May also be liver or tripe.

Diners must stand up and join in with three cheers for Boris Johnson before eating. They might also choose to clap in gratitude for a minute before sitting down to eat. This is not compulsory but restaurant staff are required to spit in your food next time.

Vegan options not available. Vegans feeling unfairly treated by this are advised to vote Green at the next election, or for some similar party of sandal-wearing plant-munchers.