Friday, 7th May 2021

Prince Harry's Nazi costume was 'acknowledging the wrongs of the past'

THE Duke of Sussex says he wore a swastika armband to help acknowledge and move on from the problems of the past.

Prince Harry explained he wore the Nazi outfit to a fancy dress party to start an uncomfortable but necessary conversation about antisemitism, and not as a tasteless joke as the media portrayed it.

The third in line to the throne said: “A private party full of drunken friends seemed like the ideal place to confront anti-Jewish prejudice. And what better way to tackle that sensitive topic than to dress up as a member of the Wehrmacht?

“To help raise awareness even more I made sure the press took a photo of me mulling over the sombre issue while enjoying a drink and a cigarette. Then I had to issue a fake apology when I realised you all missed the point.

“2005 was a different time. Back then we were all laughing at Little Britain and reading Zoo, so it’s unfair to judge my actions by today’s standards. 

“Even if you dress up as a Nazi today your nuanced message can be misunderstood. If it can happen to progressives like me and Paul Hollywood, it can happen to anyone.”