Prince Philip ever so proud

THE Duke of Edinburgh is absolutely delighted to see his grandson on the cover of a gay magazine. 

The Prince Consort, who is 95 years old and grew up during World War Two, believes that the heir to the throne’s Attitude cover is exactly what a father-of-two should be doing right now.

Brigadier Julian Cook, the Prince’s private secretary, said: “When the Duke spotted the cover I explained it was a periodical for unspeakables of the Oscar Wilde sort and he gave an involuntary cry of approval.

“Obviously being Greek and of a naval background makes him very liberal-minded, which is why he feels comfortable referring to them in such informal and colourful terms.

“He actually doesn’t think the cover is enough, or so I presume from his remark that William ‘might as run naked down Horse Guards Parade with ostrich feathers up his arse.’

“He is literally glowing, and indeed shaking, with pride.”

Prince Philip said: “Give me bloody strength.”