Queen drops Slayer song titles into speech

THE Queen’s Speech is littered with song titles from thrash metal act Slayer, it has emerged. 

Following a bet with Prince Harry, the Queen has seamlessly incorporated the names of 23 different songs from the band, unnoticed by the assembled MPs. 

Denys Finch Hatton, Conservative MP for Hampshire North East, said: “I must say, she picked the perfect band for it. 

“When she opened with ‘Here Comes The Pain,’ from the God Hates Us All LP, nobody blinked an eyelid, and when she followed up with ‘Evil Has No Boundaries’ everyone just thought how refreshingly honest we can be now we’ve got a majority. 

“Our prison policy was described as an ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ and ‘Expendable Youth’, which again raised no eyebrows, and referring to the years of Labour rule as ‘Seasons in the Abyss’ is basic common sense. 

“I only spotted the references because I spent four years as tour drummer for Lawnmower Deth. She’d never have got away with Mariah Carey songs.”