Queen records Jeremy Corbyn diss track

THE Queen is escalating her beef with Jeremy Corbyn by recording a blistering diss track, the palace has confirmed. 

The monarch, furious at the new Labour leader’s refusal to bow down before her, is in the studio with producer PurpDogg laying down lyrics that will ‘absolutely slay’ Corbyn.

A Royal source said: “I haven’t seen Liz this mad since the Suez Crisis, and it’s all coming out on wax.

“Nothing’s off-limits: Corbyn’s £6 Polish barber haircut, his dusty 1970s Communist-lite politics, that he doesn’t own a single necklace worth more than £400,000.

“Her Royal Highness is stepping to him and you bet he’s going to come up short. Her rhymes are mad vicious, all delivered with that cut-glass voice and using the majestic plural.

“In case the beef turns violent, she will start carrying a Glock 19 with mother-of-pearl inlay stocks, presented to her by Archduke P. Diddy of the House of Bad Boy Records in 2001.”