Team GB athletes caught smuggling precious metals into UK

BRITAIN’S Olympians have brought shame upon the country by attempting to smuggle rare metals from Brazil.

Some of the nation’s highest-profile athletes tried to bring small discs made of gold, silver and bronze through customs, offering only flimsy excuses for how they came to be in possession of such treasures.

Bill McKay said: “They didn’t even try to conceal their loot, they were openly wearing these objects around their necks as if they were above the law.

“Others pulled out the same tired excuses. If I let off every smuggler who claims to have triumphed in a heart-stopping 10,000 meter race, we’d never prosecute anyone.

“This s a dangerous new phenomenon. You’d never have caught a British athlete in the 1990s returning from abroad with even bronze.”

Whether Great Britain can replicate its Rio success in Tokyo in 2020 remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely with many prominent stars set for serious jail time.

Mo Farah said: “There wasn’t a box on my customs form for ‘historic sporting achievements’. Maybe I should’ve just said that I picked it up in Duty Free.

“It has taken the gloss off my achievements a little now that I’m facing a 10-year custodial sentence.”