The famous faces of Brexit: Where are they now?

BREXIT is now reduced to idiots like Andrea Leadsom droning on about the ‘price of sovereignty’. So what happened to all the mad-keen Brexiters who were famous in 2016?

That blonde woman in Sunderland 

Hoisted aloft in Sunderland, Samantha Adamson instantly became an iconic Brexit image. Loved by newspapers for being blonde and attractive, more importantly she proved that not all Brexiters were miserable old gammons. Although everyone else in the photo is a miserable old gammon. Whether Brexit has lived up to Samantha’s expectations is unknown, but we’re sure she’s enjoying all her lovely sovereignty.

Henry Bolton

Bolton was briefly leader of UKIP until a vote of no confidence by party members. He then set up a similar party called Our Nation which disappeared leaving less trace than f**king Atlantis, and in 2019 stood as an independent MP, getting 1% of the vote, which in many ways was the high point of his political career. Looking like an anonymous suburban accountant, it’s not surprising if you don’t remember Bolton, but don’t worry because he was only briefly famous thanks to…

Jo Marney

Blondes clearly have more concerns about a European superstate, because Bolton’s heavily peroxided, much younger girlfriend was firmly anti-EU. And also firmly anti having sex with a ‘negro’, according to her texts. She was also anti-Meghan Markle, saying ‘her seed will taint our royal family’. Marney’s current career is unknown, but ‘Eva Braun lookalike’ seems the obvious choice.


Birmingham University student Harriet Ellis went viral after rolling her eyes while sitting behind Nigel Farage in a Channel 4 Brexit debate. She wasn’t actually aware she’d eye-rolled, but even so it summed up many people’s reaction to Farage’s crap. People assumed Ellis was a Remainer, but it later turned out she’d actually voted for Brexit on the grounds of some Lexit garbage about the EU being racist, so she’s probably not too happy about Brexit being a tad racist itself. Still, who could have guessed?

The posh Brexit schoolgirls 

Beatrice and Alice Grant, 15 and 17, appeared at numerous Brexit events. Young, pretty, privately-educated and from Kensington, they were an instant hit with Daily Mail readers, and the less you think about that the better. They promoted themselves as young right-wingers usually do: brave, out-of-step free-thinkers who prefer reading The Wealth of Nations to smoking weed. It’s all a terrible cliche, and sure enough, Alice was soon getting into climate change denial. It’s unclear what they’re doing now, but ‘Young Conservative meetings at uni’ and ‘interning at an insane right-wing thinktank’ seem like good bets.

The guy in the Union Jack suit

You’ve almost certainly thought ‘Who is that guy?’ at some point in your life. He’d been popping up for years at Royal occasions in his Union Jack suit, hat and shades, then started appearing at Brexit events. Well, the mystery is over. He’s Joseph Afrane, originally from Nigeria, and apparently a Labour party member who loves Brexit as much as he does Princess Eugenie. There’s no point asking where he is now, because the answer is obviously ‘hanging around London looking a bit mad’.

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