Tom Hardy had no idea man was a thief

A MAN chased down and beaten by Tom Hardy luckily turned out to be some sort of thief, the actor has amazedly admitted. 

The Mad Max star was indulging in his hobby, popular with many celebrities, of randomly assaulting a member of the public when he discovered he had caught a moped thief red-handed.

He said: “Law of averages, I suppose. I mean I’m doing about five a day.

“I had an hour to kill before an audition to be a Marvel villain so I was getting myself into role by attacking pedestrians in London, which is a little quirk of mine.

“I was as surprised as anyone when everyone started clapping me, instead of rearing away in horror and muttering ‘of course the law can’t touch him, he’s famous’ as usual.”

Thief Martin Bishop said: “He was alright I suppose, but I would have preferred Tom Hiddleston. He has that cruel, aristocratic edge to his street violence.”