Wealthy foreigner offer £500,000 to be insulted by Prince Philip

OVERSEAS tycoons are prepared to pay up to half a million pounds to be racially mocked by the Duke of Edinburgh, it has emerged.

To be on the receiving end of a Prince Philip “gaffe” is considered a major prize among the international elite, who are queuing up to suffer Philip’s incontinent xenophobia in person.

Lord Norman Steele, who heads a private liaising organisation between the Palace and wealthy patrons, said: “The more grossly unfortunate the better.

“Anything to do with slitty eyes or Bongo Bongo Land is particularly popular, and African tech billionaires love any reference to hunting zebra with spears.

“For today’s international millionaires it’s a real honour to be on the end of some real old-fashioned patronising colonial racism, just like their grandfathers.

“A prominent oil sheikh paid three-quarters of a million for Philip to ask him why he still put a towel on his head when they have electric driers nowadays. His son wants the same for his 18th birthday, instead of Britney Spears.

“With just a few poorly chosen racist words, Philip is raising millions for charity. He’s such a dedicated public servant.”