Wonder Woman paid 34 percent less than male superheroes

WONDER Woman receives a third less salary than fellow Justice League members Batman and Aquaman, figures have revealed. 

Newly released pay data from the world-saving organisation showed that Wonder Woman, the group’s only female member, was paid 66 percent of the average male superhero salary and received no expenses or travel budget.

Batman, the team’s treasurer and a billionaire in his secret identity, said: “It’s unfair to call this a like-for-like comparison. The strong dollar means her wages go a lot further on Paradise Island,  so she’s actually taking home more than us.

“Second, a fleet of custom Bat-styled vehicles doesn’t come cheap. Superman’s got a whole Fortress of Solitude to maintain. Aquaman eats lobster for every meal. It all adds up.

“Yes she’s good in a fight, but she’s not really a team player, you know? Always goes home after two drinks, never comes to poker night and woah, don’t mention the strip club.”

Wonder Woman said: “Throwing the Parasite into the sun was my idea, but everyone ignored it, then Superman says it a minute later and everyone’s like ‘Wow, brilliant!’

“And he’s always coming on to me. He’s such an arse.”