Monday, 19th April 2021

'You f**king calling me a liar?' says Archbishop of Canterbury

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has told Harry and Meghan that if they want to call him a liar he will come round and they can do it to his f**king face. 

The principal leader of the Church of England has challenged the couple to call him a liar when he is right there with his f**king crosier after a disagreement over when their legal wedding ceremony took place.

The Most Revd Justin Welby continued: “You run over there and blab your twat mouths to Oprah and you think I won’t hear about it?

“I remember the real wedding pretty distinctly, mainly because it was on TV and the whole f**king world was watching. That doesn’t tend to slip the mind.

“And now you’re asking me to pretend your pokey little garden party nobody went to, and I only attended because I heard there was free booze, was the real wedding. No bastard way.

“Anyone who’s watched as much Don’t Tell The Bride as I have knows shit like that just don’t count. So don’t be out here telling lies about me.

“I know the big man, yeah? Call me a liar again, I put in a prayer. Yeah that’s right. Now you’re scared.”