Cat’s owners unaware of its reputation as mental bastard

THE owners of a ginger cat are entirely unaware that it is locally notorious an absolute mental bastard.

The Booker family believes its pet George to be a slightly intense but otherwise fairly standard cat who likes belly rubs and sleeping on the spare bed.

However other local humans and animals see George as a crazed, demented beast fuelled by a deep burning rage.

Neighbour Emma Bradford said: “I saw that cat in our garden fighting a fox and a crow simultaneously.

“The crow flew off and the cat jumped on its back, biting its beak and neck until they both crashed to the ground. Then the cat just ambled off like nothing had happened.

“If I see it on the fence I make the children come in. I wouldn’t be surprised if it tried to drag one of them up a tree.”

Local postman Wayne Hayes said: “One day I reached into my post-bag and felt a searing pain. Somehow that cat had got in there and bitten off the tip of my thumb. I swear it has supernatural powers.”

George’s nine-year-old owner Louise Booker said: “George likes cuddles and treats.”