Coldness confirmed during neighbour climate summit

NEIGHBOURS have confirmed the recent drop in temperature during a top level over-the-fence meeting.

Household representatives 48-year-old Stephen Malley and 63-year-old Mary Fisher met for unplanned climate talks in their Swindon gardens yesterday while Fisher was pegging out some washing.

Fisher said: “It’s cold, isn’t it? A lot colder than it was.

“It’s supposed to be cold next week too.”

Malley agreed that it is cold, however he was more reluctant to speculate on the following week.

He said: “I’ve heard different things. They say it might improve by next Wednesday.”

While remaining confident that the cold weather would last, Fisher suggested that the reason forecasts differed is that they don’t really know and probably just make it all up.

She added: “They’ve got snow in Scotland.”

Malley replied: “They’ve always got snow in Scotland.”

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with Fisher remarking that she was having a nice bit of lamb for tea, which she needed to go and check on.