Couple build eco-home powered by their shit-eating grins

A COUPLE are showing off their self-build eco-home, which is powered exclusively by their smug expressions.

Nikki Hollis and Joseph Turner beat the rat race simply by spending a £100,000 gift from Hollis’ parents on a glorified shed instead of on a deposit on a house.

The eco-home somehow includes a bucket for a toilet and also two expensive MacBooks, and is powered entirely by the self-satisfied smiles fixed permanently to the front of its owners’ heads.

Hollis said: “People said we couldn’t turn our smugness into energy, but they didn’t know just how unbearably self-righteous we can be. Just ask me about our composting project and I’ll kick out enough to power a TV for three hours.”

For their next project, Hollis and Turner plan on spending a year on the road, in a van fuelled by talking about yourself.