Monday, 10th May 2021

Greta Thunberg is 'pathetic', says middle-aged man who can't load dishwasher

GRETA Thunberg has been dismissed as a ‘pathetic waste of space’ by a middle-aged man who cannot load a dishwasher.

The teenage environmental campaign was described as an ‘utter fool’ by Martin Bishop, who also has no idea how to use a vacuum cleaner.

Bishop, who frequently skips work by pretending to be sick, also said the young climate activist should ‘go back to school’.

Having protested just once in his life – against the doughnut price increase in the company canteen – he stressed that ‘there are more important things in this life than trying to save the world’.

Bishop admitted he was ‘not sure’ whether there is such a thing as human-driven climate change, but insisted ‘our kids will figure it out one day’.