Huge fly announces plan for brief and confused visit to living room

A HUGE fly has announced plans to fly into living rooms in a fast and confused fashion before desperately trying to find his way out again.

Bluebottle Tom Booker said that he hoped to see as many front rooms as possible over the coming Summer: “I’m going to fly in, panic, fly back into the window, briefly fly into the kitchen, panic some more and then fly out again before I get hit hard with a magazine.

“I figure I’ll do this all summer and then go back and take that job doing whatever mature adult flies do.

“Can’t just fly into people’s living rooms and then fly back out again for the rest of my life.”

Booker says that he also plans to land on as much dog shit as possible over the summer, as well as landing on food that is left out at barbecues and picnics.

He added: “Got to let them know where I’m coming from, innit?”